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Yonex Sports Foundation Scholarship in Physical Education, Japan 2012

The scholarship application form salary, School Principal or Dean of student recommendation letters, testimonials from leaders (free format) Please attach the applicant. 24 fiscal year 2000 (1 year from April 1, 2012), such as scholarship grant application guidelines are as follows.

(1) high school credential, enrolled in college or graduate students majoring in physical education, etc. (including international students) and students or to undertake sports, vibrant with a bright and prosperous through sports contribute to society, and how that other half. (2) Criteria 1. The major sports events, to have recognized the competence of both oneself and others. 2. It aims to promote sports for youth leaders. 3. That meets the above criteria for one or two foreign students. 4. Age of the student shall be under 30 years old at the time of application.