VLADOC PhD Scholarships for EEA Citizens at Flemish University in Belgium, 2014

VLIR-UOS is inviting applications for 8 new VLADOC PhD scholarships for EEA citizens at Flemish University. Scholarships are awarded for a research program on a development oriented subject. Scholarships are awarded for minimum 2 and maximum 4 years. The candidate must hold an academic qualification (licentiate or master’s degree) at least ‘with distinction’ or equivalent. The VLADOC 2014 scholarships are selected in June 2014 and start in principle on 1 October 2014. The deadline of submission to the ICOS of the Flemish university is between 24 February and 7 March 2014 (depending on the university).. VLIR-UOS offers PhD scholarships to EEA citizens for research at a Flemish university on a development oriented subject. The duration of the scholarship is minimum 2 and maximum 4 years. In princi-ple 8 new scholarships are awarded each year..  Scholarships are available for research program at a Flemish university.
The research areas of this scholarship are: Not provided
Who can apply to this scholarship?
· The candidate must hold the Belgian nationality or the nationality of an EEA member state.
· The scholar must at the time of application hold an academic qualification demanded by a Flemish university for enrollment in a doctoral training. In the event of a foreign qualification, the scholar must contain a document from the relevant faculty of the Flemish university stating that the qualification is sufficient for enrollment in the doctoral training programme.
· The candidate must hold an academic qualification (licentiate or master’s degree) at least ‘with distinction’ or equivalent.
· The candidate must have been awarded his first licentiate or master’s degree or an immediately contiguous licentiate or master’s degree or academic teacher training qualification no more than ten years prior to 1 October 2014 (including the ongoing calendar year). The candidate must not hold a PhD but must hold the licentiate or master’s degree qualification when the application is submitted. This means that last year candidates cannot apply. This principle is motivated by the limited number of scholarships available, and hence the ideal success ratio of around 33% for applicants that we strive to approximate.
Benefits of the scholarship: -The monthly PhD scholarship corresponds to the amount the scholar would receive as a PhD scholar of the Flemish university concerned, in accordance with the scales applied by that university. The amount of the scholarship is adjusted annually according to seniority. -Travel costs: An extra travel grant will also granted for research missions in the country/countries on which this research focuses. The expenses that we cover are limited to the travel costs for one mission or international journey (airline ticket) per 24 months of scholarship, as well as a to accommodation costs and an expatriation allowance for maximally 12 months per 48 months of scholarship. -Accommodation: A contribution to the scholar’s accommodation costs in the partner country, up to maximally € 250 per month and proven by the original bill (or a copy of the rental contract), can be covered. -Expatriation allowance: an expatriation allowance that is set at 6 times the per-diem allowance for the country under consideration (fixed allowance) per month. -Research allowance: a fixed bench fee to the research unit of the supervisor of € 3.750 per 24 months of scholarship (this is prorated if shorter).
More information about the fellowship:
Duration:  The duration of the scholarship is minimum 2 and maximum 4 years.
Number of scholarships:  8 new scholarships are awarded each year.

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