Vienna International Postdoctoral Training in Molecular Life Sciences (VIPS) at the Max F. Perutz Laboratories (MFP), Austria

The VIPS Post-doctoral training is a pioneer programme with special support from the Austrian government and the City of Vienna. The mission of this programme is to offer an excellent environment to post-doctoral scientists and to support them on their way to scientific independence.

VIPS offers new international PostDocs a 3 to 5 year long post-doctoral training at the MFPL with the specific aim of preparing them for a career as principal investigators. To increase the chances for success and the establishment of their own research groups, the VIPS PostDocs will be encouraged to develop their own research topics and apply for independent grants in the second half of their training. During the final phase of their training, VIPS PostDocs will be supported as they apply for group leader positions outside the MFPL.

VIPS calls will be announced biannually and candidates selected through a competitive procedure. Successful applicants will be affiliated with one or two of the eligible research groups at the MFPL. Post-docs will also choose an independent postdoctoral mentor from the faculty that will provide additional advice and career support. The VIPS programme actively supports scientists who wish to combine family life with a successful career.

The implementation of the VIPS post-doctoral programme is supported by the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research and the City of Vienna as part of a large pioneer programme that aims at promoting young investigators at all career stages: PhDs, PostDocs and Junior Group Leaders. The central aspect of VIPS is the combination of scientific training and career development. All VIPS fellows are employed with an internationally competitive salary according to the guidelines of the Austrian Research Funds (FWF).

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