UNIVPM Masters Scholarships for International Students in Italy, 2015-2016

The Polytechnic University of Marche (UNIVPM) offers 10 scholarships to International students who, for the academic year 2015/16, will matriculate in the first year of the Master’s Degree in International Economics and Commerce (IEC). The scholarship cannot be combined with other scholarships granted by UNIVPM or the Marche Region However, the scholarship is compatible with other programs designed to sustain students’ income such as UNIVPM student part time work (programma 150 ore), tutorship, international mobility, fees exemption if due.  Ten scholarships will be awarded on merit to international students. Applications should be sent by post or fax. A copy of passport or ID must be attached to the application. The date and time for receipt of the applications are attested by the date and time of the fax (Italian date and time) or, for direct delivery, by the receipt issued by the Office.

The scholarship is for one year and will be paid in three installments. The scholarship can be renewed for the academic year 2016/2017 subject to the given conditions.

Apply for top 2015 scholarships and financial aid positions before application deadlines.  The scholarships will cover accommodation and a monthly allowance for living expenses. The annual amount of the scholarship is 7.200 euro per year, gross.  The list of winners will be published on their site and on that of the Polytechnic University of as from 31st August 2015 for the first intake and 4th December 2015 for the second intake.

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