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University of Groningen Talent Grant, Netherlands 2011/12

A scholarship is only valid for the period the student is registered at the University of Groningen as a full time student within the time frame of the research master’s programme. The maximum study period is 24 months for this 2-year programme. 2.University of Groningen Talent Grant continuation is not guaranteed when a student changes his or her programme; 3.A University of Groningen Talent Grant granted for the Research Master Programme 2011-2012 cannot be transferred to another academic year; 4.For a programme lasting more than one year, the student is required to obtain (at least) 60 EC in the first year of study in order to retain the right to a University of Groningen Talent Grant for the following academic year. In cases where there is any uncertainty as to the number of ECTS standards for satisfactory progress and the time and manner in which progress will be measured, will be set by the Faculty selection committee; 5.The student is not permitted to receive from any other organisation any additional full scholarship for the same programme, other than in the case of partial scholarships, where this has to be confirmed in writing in advance. 6.The Grant will be terminated if and when a student has been awarded, accepted and receives a full grant or scholarship from another organization, such as, e.g. HSP, NFP, etc. 7.The scholarship will not be awarded to students who are admitted to a second master’s programme at the University of Groningen; 8.The student must comply with Dutch visa regulations; 9.The Graduate School of Theology and Religious Studies office should be notified as soon as possible of any change in nationality, type of residence permit, and/or possible “Studiefinanciering” support, throughout the academic year; 10.If the student terminates his or her study prematurely, any reimbursement of tuition fees will be made to the International Office.

Students from countries outside the EU/EEA who have been admitted to the Research Master’s programme of the Graduate School of Theology and Religious Studies. Scholarships will not be awarded to applicants who have already obtained a University of Groningen master’s degree.