Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students at Ashoka University in India, 2016

Ashoka University is offering undergraduate scholarship for both Indian and international students. Scholarship is available for pursuing undergraduate programme in Liberal education.

Ashoka is committed to provide financial aid to all deserving students. While selection to Ashoka is based upon student merit, including academic and extracurricular achievement, scholarships are entirely based upon need.

Ashoka University is a private, nonprofit university, and an unprecedented example of collective public philanthropy in India. Ashoka offers its students a multidisciplinary liberal education in undergraduate as well as postgraduate education.

Applicants require both SAT scores/Ashoka Test (both optional).

College Admission Requirement

Test Requirement: Applicants require both SAT scores/Ashoka Test (both optional). Since both of these tests are strictly optional, the statement can either be removed altogether, or framed as “An applicant may submit their SAT/ACT scores for an early admission or take the Ashoka Test with us. However, both of these are optional.”


Scholarship is open for Indian and international students.

Where this scholarship can be taken?:


What is the study subject?:

Scholarship is awarded in the field of Liberal education.

The necessary course level:

Scholarship is available for pursuing undergraduate programme.

How much is the scholarship award?:

 The University offers need-based scholarships in the form of grants and not loans. Waivers range from 15% on tuition to 100%on all expenses. As the campus is located out of Haryana, applicants from the state will be given special consideration for aid opportunities.

Criteria to be eligible:

To application for this scholarship, applicant must have an offer of admission from Ashoka University.

How to apply this scholarship?:

Eligible applicants should complete an online scholarship application.

Find the application form in: View form

Scholarship Deadline: The deadline for applicant is April 30, 2016. (for Round 2)

More info: View info

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