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    UNCA, Building 405 East 42nd Street, Room S-308 New York, NY 10017

UNCA Journalism Awards

The United Nations Correspondents' Association (UNCA) invites media and journalists from around the world to nominate their work for the annual UNCA awards.

It is the United Nations journalism contest that awards articles published in traditional newspapers, television (TV and radio) and online.

The awards will be based on issues on the United Nations, and its operations on different lands around the world. In other words, the aim of the competition is to report on the United Nations and its many causes and objectives.

How to participate?

Jobs can be submitted in any of the official Languages of the United Nations: English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and Russian. However, a written transcription is required in English or French to facilitate the evaluation process.

Each candidate can run in no more than two (2) prize categories, with a maximum of three (3) stories in each. Joint entries are accepted.

Electronic files and web links are required.

In this sense, the application will be made September 2019.

Finally, we invite you to review the call.

Scholarship benefits

There are two (2) commemorative awards:

  • Elizabeth Neuffer: sponsored by the Alexander Bodini Foundation, for written media (including online media). It is intended for print and online coverage of United Nations agencies, in honor of Elizabeth Neuffer, head of the Office of the Boston Globe at the UN, who died while on a mission in Baghdad in 2003.
  • Ricardo Ortega: for media (TV and Radio). The award is in honor of Ricardo Ortega, former New York correspondent for Antena 3 of Spain, who died while on a mission in Haiti in 2004.

And an award for coverage of environmental issues:

  • Prince Albert II of Monaco and the UNCA Global Award for Climate Change Coverage: The award is for written work (including online media) and media (TV and Radio), which have addressed coverage of the sustainable and equitable management of natural resources. As well as the implementation of innovative and ethical solutions in three (3) categories: climate change, biodiversity and water.

These are the requirements to apply for

The UNCA Awards are open to journalists from all over the world. Thus, no limitations are established for reasons of professional experience, age, gender or others. One of the requirements is to have published a journalism paper on the subject of the contest.

Printed work, transmission (TV and radio) and online coverage must have been published between September 2018 and August 2019.