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Two PhD Scholarships in Software Engineering in Healthcare at UNU-IIST, China

The United Nations University – International Institute for Software Technology (UNU-IIST), located in Macau, is accepting applications for one PhD candidate scholarship to carry out research as part of the program on Electronic Governance for Sustainable Development. Research Topic The PhD candidate will study the organization, behaviour, evolution and value systems underpinning ICT-enabled governance networks – networks of government organizations, businesses, social enterprises, volunteer groups and other non-state actors, all working together, supported by ICT tools to deliver public services, create public value and generally contribute to the larger policy objectives. The research will focus on the enabling and mediating role of ICT in such networks to ensure, for instance: continued alignment between network-wide goals and the changing policy context; consistency between individual and network-wide goals and value systems; dispute and conflict resolution to resolve differences between network members; compliance with legal and regulatory obligations; sensitivity to local culture and adherence to locally-acceptable behavior and value systems; etc.

Candidates for the position should have: Master degree in information systems, information technology, computer science or a related discipline; Background and experience in Electronic Governance, or socio-economic applications of ICT; Very good English writing skills; Ability to work both independently and in a team.