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Two PhD Positions in Soft Matter and Biomechanics / Biophysics, France

Two PhD proposals are available from september 2011 to work on projects in the research group “Self-organization in systems out-of-equilibrium” at IRPHE and the research group “Multiphysics” at M2P2. These two groups work together since a few years on the same kind of physical problematics. The first PhD is experimental while the second one associates numerical and theoretical analysis. The projects will investigate the behaviour of small deformable objects such as vesicles or micro-capsules interacting with an hydrodynamic flow in several typical configurations. For experiments, vesicles and micro-capsules move in microfluidic channels made at IRPHE laboratory. For numerical studies, a 3D code has been developped to simulate vesicle dynamics in a flow at M2P2 laboratory. The aim is to compare experimental and numerical results. In the two cases, at a larger point of view, the project’s ambition is to provide a better understanding of rheology of solutions containing deformable objects like blood.