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Truelove Dell Scholarship Fund, 2012 Canada

The Truelove Tribute Dinner was started in 1997 to raise monies for children, youth and young adults who have a physical disability. In 2000, the monies were directed to the development of a Post Secondary Scholarship Endowment. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist young adults in the Greater Toronto Area (Toronto, Peel, York & Durham) with the cost of post-secondary education or vocational training. Applicants will be expected to explore and apply for any government assistance for which they may be eligible and this would be taken into consideration when determining need. Applicants must be a resident of Ontario.

Seeking post-secondary education; -Demonstration of a consistent level of scholastic achievement and effort throughout their secondary school curriculum or post secondary curriculum; - Participation in extra curricular activities; - Served as a model, mentor and/or inspiration to fellow students or community members; - Have applied for alternate financial assistance and still require assistance