Three Postgraduate Positions in Political Science at Lund University, Sweden

The doctoral candidate programme amounts to 240 credits (which is equivalent to four years of study full time). It formally ends with the doctoral candidate publicly defending his/her printed doctoral thesis. The holder of a postgraduate position has as his/her primary obligation to successfully fulfil his/her third cycle education ending with a PhD degree. Regulations concerning appointment as a full time postgraduate student can be found in the Higher Education Ordinance. The holder of a postgraduate position is expected to participate actively in the research and teaching environment of the Department. He/she will normally have to perform departmental duties, above all teaching, amounting to about 20 per cent of full time.

To be eligible for third cycle studies an applicant must 1. Have been awarded a second cycle degree 2. Have completed studies the equivalent of at least 240 higher education credits, of which at least 60 credits are at the second cycle level, or 3. Have acquired basically the same qualifications in some other way in Sweden or abroad.

Scholarship Deadline: 2012-01-05

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