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The Zdenek Bakala Foundation’s Scholarship Program, 2012 Czech Republic

The Zdenek Bakala Foundation’s Scholarship program is about giving talented and driven students the support they need to make their dreams come true. We give scholarships to young people who are looking for an academic experience that will enrich them intellectually and propel them towards achieving their goals. The Foundation supports students who want more from studying abroad than language immersion and cultural exchange – we look for students who don’t just want to experience; they want to accomplish.

Much of the financial aid we provide goes to high school students endeavoring to make their undergraduate education as challenging (and rewarding) as possible. We also give scholarships to ambitious university graduates looking to advance even further by means of a top-notch graduate program.We aim to find the most ambitious and accomplished students, those who constantly strive to reach their goals – which include being educated by the best in their field.