The Vienna Graduate Program on Complex Quantum Systems (CoQuS), Austria

The Vienna Graduate Program on Complex Quantum Systems (CoQuS)  provides graduate education dominantly through intense research training and through advanced courses in one of the most active fields of modern physics. In particular in recent years, many new ideas for future quantum technologies could already be demonstrated in the lab. The Vienna doctoral program on Complex Quantum Systems offers PhD research and training opportunities in the following fields:

Fundamental tests of physicsQuantum information concepts and implementationsMatter wave interferometry: foundations and applicationsQuantum technology on the nanoscaleQuantum physics in the solid stateCold quantum gases & atom chipsEntanglement of massive particlesHybrid quantum systemsStrongly correlated quantum systems

The program provides the opportunity for highly gifted students to obtain a broad and interdisciplinary education in many of these fields and to prove themselves in cutting edge research.

Scholarship Deadline: 15 January 2011

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