The Snowdon Award Scheme for Disability Students, 2012 UK

To provide funds that help cover the additional costs of being disabled and a student in further and higher education, or a person in training. The Award Scheme will not therefore usually meet expenses that have to be borne by all students, such as tuition fees or standard living and accommodation costs. Within the stated limits, the Award Scheme accepts applications for financial assistance towards the following costs, where they cannot be met in full from statutory sources.

Candidates will have a physical or sensory disability. Students of all nationalities may apply but must be studying at a college or university in the UK. A grant will be for a period of one or two years and will not usually exceed the value of £2,000 per year. In exceptional cases, £2,500 may be awarded. In the case of two-year grants, the continuation of the grant for the second year will be subject to a satisfactory academic or other appropriate report. Candidates will declare all relevant financial and medical information, which will be kept confidential to the panel and administrators of the grants.

Scholarship Deadline: 31 May each year

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