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The Rhodes Scholarship for Kenyan Students, 2013 UK

Academic excellence is the first and indispensable quality required of all applicants, but the Founder expressly desired that his Scholars should not be mere ‘bookworms’. It is important however, that Rhodes Scholars should have the high academic competence necessary for them to be able to cope with the demands of academic life at Oxford University, while still being able to take advantage of the opportunity to experience all that Oxford has to offer.

-You must have achieved academic training in a degree-awarding body in Kenya or overseas, and have completed, or will have completed by the end of December 2012, a Bachelor’s degree with First or Upper Second class standard (i.e. an average score of 68% / GPA 3.7 or higher). b. You must be a citizen of Kenya and have been resident in Kenya for at least five of the last ten years. Candidates with dual citizenship may not apply in more than one of the countries in which they are citizens. c. You must be available for interview at the time of selection in Nairobi. It is expected that the interviews will be held in early November 2012.