The Pasteur-Paris University International Doctoral Program, France

The Pasteur – Paris University Doctoral Program offers cutting edge training in a large variety of topics covering Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology, Genomics, Bioinformatics, Structural Biology, Enzymology and Metabolism, Biological Chemistry, Virology, Parasitology, Medical Mycology, Epidemiology, Infectiology, Imaging, Neurosciences, Developmental Biology and Systems Biology.Students will conduct their research in one of the 120 laboratories of the Institut Pasteur. They will be immersed in an exciting, dynamic and interactive research environment that includes access to a large variety of core facilities with state-of-the art equipment. Students will extend their knowledge by attending specialized courses and will benefit from a vast seminar program that attracts major speakers from all over the world. At the end of their studies (typically three years), students will defend their PhD according to European guidelines. The Institut Pasteur and the affiliated university will jointly award the degree.

Students will receive a stipend to cover their living expenses and health insurance. Assistance for accommodation in student residences will also be available.

Candidates will be selected on a competitive basis. Selected students will be part of the Pasteurian community with whom they will share their passion for science and wish to contribute to the prevention and treatment of diseases.

The Institut Pasteur, in the heart of Paris, is a great environment for carrying out challenging experiments to discover new worlds in the life sciences. We encourage all interested candidates / faculty to go over the web page and learn about the Pasteur-Paris University International Doctoral Program.

Eligibility: M.Sc. or equivalent degree prior to the application deadline. The degree must be completed by summer of the following year, in order to register at the Paris Universities. A certified copy of the diploma or a written attestation of completion must be available before the start of the program. Exact dates of the deadline of completion of the degree (June to September) will differ based on each laboratory’s university affiliation.

Scholarship Deadline: 15 December 2010

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