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The Leukaemia Foundation Grant-in-Aid Research Programme, 2013 Australia

The Leukaemia Foundation invites expressions of interest for grants-in-aid for research projects to support basic, applied and translational research in all fields of research which will improve outcomes for people with blood cancers and related disorders. Expressions of interest will be reviewed to assess their relevance to haematological cancers and their scientific merit. Relevance will be assessed by considering the likelihood of the proposal having a significant impact for people affected by blood cancers. An invitation to submit a full application will be issued to a short list of approximately 10-15 applicants. Only EOIs with a high or very high likelihood of significant impact will be invited to submit a full application. All applications for funding by the Leukaemia Foundation in every state and territory are now assessed through one central national process. This includes applications for funds which are state specific by request of donor(s). Unless specified otherwise, all grant-in-aid applications should be made through the single expressions of interest application form

-The Leukaemia Foundation wishes to support research in Australia into the causes, treatment and care of people with leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders. 2. Persons working in a public hospital, university, or recognized research institute in Australia will be eligible to apply for research funding, fellowships and scholarships from the Foundation. 3. Applications for Grants-in-Aid will be considered for specific projects to support any of the following: a) Salaries for research workers; b) Maintenance costs for research projects. 4. Expressions of interest are invited once per year.