The French Embassy in India Scholarship Programme 2011-2012

The French Embassy in India offers a wide range of scholarships to Indian students and research scholars from Graduate (Bachelor Degree) to PhD levels, for study and research in France. Four different scholarship programmes are designed for Indian students who wish to go to France for studies or training. Through these programmes, Indian students may seek financial assistance: for long term study to complete a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree course and obtain a degree from a French Institution of higher education For courses taught in French, a good level of French is a mandatory requirement. Please note that some French Institutions or Universities prescribe a certified level. For courses taught in English, a good command of French is not a mandatory requirement for the award of these scholarships. Students who would like to learn French language before their departure to France and to attend cultural programmes can contact any of the 17Alliances Françaises centres in India. Long term (1-2 years) scholarships are awarded to Indian students with an outstanding academic profile to study at Bachelor’s/Master’s degree level in French institutions of higher Education.

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