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The Birmingham Grant and Scholarship at University of Birmingham, 2012 UK

The Birmingham Grant offers additional support to all students whose household income falls below the University’s annual financial threshold. Once you have applied for statutory support, your application for the Birmingham Grant and Scholarship will proceed automatically. There are no further forms to fill in. Please note, however, that you are required to do this for each year of your programme. The University will let you know in writing if you are successful.

The Birmingham Scholarship recognises the achievement of students from low-income backgrounds who perform extremely well in their A levels or equivalent qualifications. -You will receive a Birmingham Scholarship if you: -Meet the criteria for the award of a Birmingham Grant Achieve a minimum of AAB at A level, more than 34 points in the IB, or DDD in BTEC. Other examinations may be considered. -The award of a scholarship is not based on UCAS tariff points. -Do not already have an undergraduate degree. -Are not on any of the following courses: -Graduate Entry courses (eg , ITE, Law or Medicine), NHS funded courses and Access Courses.