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Special Scholarship Scheme for Students of Jammu and Kashmir

An Expert Group was constituted by the Prime Minister on 18th August, 2010 in the context of enhancing employment opportunities in Jammu & Kashmir and to formulate jobs plan involving the public and private sectors. Among the key recommendations of the Expert Group, one was to offer 5000 fresh scholarships per annum over the next five years to encourage the youth of J & K to pursue higher studies outside the State of J&K. The proposal arises out of the identified strategy of a human resource development initiative focused on improving skill set through improving access to education. To provide tuition fees, hostel fees, cost of books and other incidental charges to students belonging to Jammu & Kashmir who, after passing Class XII or equivalent examination, secure admission in Government colleges/institutions and other select institutions outside the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

Students belonging to the State of Jammu & Kashmir, appearing for the Class XII or equivalent exam through the State Board of Jammu & Kashmir, pursuing general degree courses, engineering and medical studies in govt. colleges / institutes / other non‐govt. reputed institutes, located outside the State of Jammu & Kashmir, would be eligible for scholarship under this scheme. Students pursing courses through Open Universities would NOT be eligible under the scheme. Students availing of other scholarships schemes would NOT be eligible to avail of this scholarship scheme. Students pursuing courses, such as Diploma Courses, not leading to award of a Degree, shall NOT be eligible under this scheme. The income ceiling will be Rs. 4.5 lakhs per annum.