Scholarship for South African Nationals in Europe

Who can apply?

You must have the South African nationality.

If you are studying or working at one of the South African partner universities at the moment you apply for the ema2sa scholarship, you belong to Target Group 1. If you belong to Target Group 1, you can apply for a master’s, PhD or academic/administrative staff scholarship. If you are a South African national registered at a non partner university or with a university (or equal) degree from an non partner institution in South Africa, you belong to Target Group 2. In this case, you can apply for a master’s or PhD scholarship but can not go on a staff exchange.

Please note that it is not allowed to apply for an ema2sa grant if you have studied or worked for more than 12 months in Europe during the last five years.


Scholarship Deadline:   Deadline: 16 March 2012.

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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