Research/Visiting Fellowship Programme at IAS-STS, 2012/2013, Austria

The IAS-STS gives partial and full grants to Research Fellows who are not able to pay for their living expenses themselves during their stay at the Institute. Grants amount to a maximum of EUR 940,- per month. Grant applications will only be considered if submitted along with a completed “Application for Appointment as Research Fellow or Visiting Scholar” (the blue application form)The IAS-STS in Graz, Austria, promotes the interdisciplinary investigation of the links and interactions between science, tech- nology and society as well as technology assessment and research into the development and implementation of socially and environmentally sound technologies. The IAS-STS is broadly speaking, an institute for the enhancement of science and technology studies. The IAS-STS invites researchers to apply for a stay between 1 October 2012 and 30 June 2013 as a • Research Fellow (up to nine months) or as a • Visiting Scholar (shorter period, e.g. a month).

-On the one hand individual perspectives of actors in the technological field are taken into account, on the other hand educational, organisational, societal, environmental and political issues are gaining more and more relevance. -Researchers investigating either social aspects of biomedicine or risk and wider governance issues related to agricultural biotechnology are especially encouraged to apply. -Researchers investigating patterns of consumption and intervention strategies to promote sustainable lifestyles among both public and private consumers or working within the thematic field of ecological product policy are encouraged to apply.Special attention in this context is paid to the areas of technology policy, technology diffusion, technology assessment, and social shaping of technology as well as technology-related analysis of gender and education issues.

Scholarship Deadline: 31 December 2011

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