Research Scholarships for Chinese Students, University of Ghent, Belgium

The candidates must possess the Chinese nationality and must apply for a CSC-grant in 2011 or be a PhD-student at Ghent University with a CSC-grant.

Not every research domain is covered by the CSC. list of CSC Favorably-Sponsored Areas & Majors Candidates can look for a Ghent University promoter in their domain of interest by browsing the list of faculties. There is also a research proposals suggested by some Ghent University professors. If you are interested in any of these proposals, please contact the supervisor mentioned in the proposal

Candidates can apply maximum two times for a CSC- cofunding scholarship. Chinese candidates who are not illegible for a CSC-grant or are not awarded a CSC-grant but who want to do a PhD at Ghent University, can apply for a doctoral grant for candidates from developing countries, issued by Ghent University.

How does it work? The candidate applies to Ghent University jointly with a promoter of Ghent University.The Research Council makes a selection of the applications based in part on the recommendations obtained from members of the Council for Development Cooperation. The recommendation is based on the evaluation of the doctoral project, the qualifications of the applicant and the scientific/scholarly potential of the promoter’s research group(s).

How much funding is involved? The cofunding consists of financing for living and accommodation (about €5.400/year), insurance (about €500) and a bench fee (€3.720/year)

Scholarship Deadline: deadline 2011 expected November 2011

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