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Research Fellowship in Petroleum Geoscience at the University of Stavanger, Norway

The appointee must be able to work independently and as a member of an international team. She/he should be able to cross disciplines (structural geology-geophysics-computer modeling). Although based in Stavanger, she/he should be mobile enough to spend research periods at Icrea (Barcelona) and Norsar (Oslo). The Research Fellow must be admitted to the doctoral program at the University of Stavanger on an agreement to complete the doctorate within the duration of the scholarship. The program will be carried out at the University of Stavanger and it is intended to start on January 2012.

-Applicants with a background in geology or geophysics are encouraged to apply. -Knowledge of structural geology (faulting and folding within the upper brittle crust) and geophysics (reflection seismology) are required. -In addition, the candidate must have some experience in computer programming (C preferably) and the Unix/Linux platform. Good command of both oral and written English is required. -Previous experience in mechanical modeling of faulting/fracturing, discrete element codes (DEM), characterization of strain in modeled bodies, and parallel computing (OpenMP) are desirable, but not required. -Priority will be given to those applicants with most experience and best grades.