Research Fellowship in Automated Planning at University of Melbourne, Australia

The successful candidate will conduct leading-edge research and development in the area of automated planning technology for mine scheduling. The work is part of an ARC funded project, “Making the Pilbara Blend: Agile Mine Scheduling through Contingent Planning”. It will be conducted as part of a research team of 7-8 Researchers. The overarching responsibility of this position will be the development of contingent planning techniques, which integrate with constraint solving techniques, for synthesising contingent plans for short term production scheduling of iron ore in multi-mine pit settings. This project tackles a challenging problem faced in mine scheduling. An increased need for consistent quality has occurred at the same time as the complexity of modern day mining operations has increased, across multiple mine sites with variable ore grades and increasing infrastructure constraints. There is a pressing need for more agile mining techniques that maximise net present value (NPV) while accommodating the complexities and uncertainties inherent in modern day mining operations.

1.1 Esential 1.1.1 A PhD in computer science or closely related discipline 1.1.2 Experience with automated planning languages, such as those based on the situation calculus 1.1.3 Solid software engineering and programming skills 1.1.4 Demonstrated capability for innovative research 1.1.5 Demonstrated strong communication skills 1.2 Desirable 1.2.1 Good understanding of, and practical experience with, automated planning and scheduling problems 1.2.2 Experience with constraint programming and scheduling applications 1.2.3 Experience with programming language implementation will be an advantage

Scholarship Deadline: 2 October 2011

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