Research Associate in Type 1 Diabetes, King’s College London, UK

This position is a full-time position for three years. The post-holder will participate in a project funded by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation as part of an international consortium to investigate the role of autoreactive memory T cells in the pathogenesis of human type 1 diabetes (T1D). Type 1 diabetes is caused by the specific destruction of the insulin producing pancreatic beta cells, a process orchestrated by autoreactive T cells. These autoreactive T cells can be detected in the blood of individuals before, during and after the onset of T1D. Recent studies have suggested that similar autoreactive T cells may also be responsible for destroying new beta cells transplanted into individuals undergoing islet transplantation many years after the initial onset of T1D.

A BSc in relevant subject area (covering basic Immunology) A higher degree (PhD, MSc) in a relevant subject area (Including Advanced Immunology) KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS A good knowledge of human autoimmune disease Type 1 diabetes Computer literate including the potential to develop relevant information technology (e.g. databases) Honest and accurate recording of data Effective time management and organizational skills

Scholarship Deadline: 04/12/2011

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