Ragnar Nurkse Scholarship for Foreign Students at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia 2012

All foreign students are encouraged to apply for the Ragnar Nurkse scholarship, named after probably the most internationally recognized Estonian scientist of the 20th century. The scholarship, in the amount of 7 200 euros, will be financed through the budget of TUT Department of Public Administration and it will be awarded to a student who will start his/her studies at the MA in Technology Governance programme in the academic year 2012/2013. The scholarship recipient will be selected on the basis of candidates’ previous professional and academic accomplishments (minimum GPA to be considered for selection is 3.5). The application should also include a recommendation letter from one of student’s previous professors. Finally, student’s MA thesis proposal will be evaluated to determine whether it has the potential to create new knowledge and could be converted into a journal article

Prerequisite for this program is a Bachelor’s degree and a good command of English. Main criteria for admission are motivation and interest, general competence and achievements, and professional background. It is assumed that any potential student will have adequate basic knowledge in economics, history, and technology. There are no formal requirements for any field of graduation, or for specific test scores that tend to measure how well one takes these tests. here is no regional preferencing, and Estonians may also apply

Scholarship Deadline: no later than May 31st 2012

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