Postgraduate Scholarship in Plant Biochemistry at University of Sydney, Australia

A full-time postgraduate scholarship is available for a suitably qualified candidate to undertake research studies leading to a PhD in Plant Biochemistry. The project is to define the biosynthetic pathway of chlorophyll f at the genomic and proteomic levels focusing on formation of formyl group in chlorophylls. The scholarship is valued at $25,000 per annum (tax exempt) and may be renewed for up to three years, subject to satisfactory progress. Please note the stipend does not cover any tuition fees payable by international students.

Applicants should have a good honours degree in Biochemistry or Molecular Biology and an interest in the molecular biology and biochemistry of plants. Some knowledge of photosynthesis and experience in basic laboratory techniques, such as spectrophotometers, electrophoresis, PCR and HPLC, is desirable

Scholarship Deadline: 16 December 2011

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