Postgraduate Merit Bursary at Stellenbosch University, South Africa

This is Stellenbosch University’s own fund for postgraduate bursaries. At postgraduate level, merit bursaries are allocated according to set criteria, provided that an application is received by the stipulated closing date below. Applications from students, who have obtained an average of 75% minimum for the preceding qualification, taking into account the minimum required number of credits, will be considered. The cut-off mark of 75% may be higher, depending on the number of applications and the amount available for bursaries.

-The bursaries are available in all fields of study to full-time students who are registered at SU in any postgraduate degree programme, provided that the candidate is not already in possession of a degree on the same level or higher. Full-time students are students who do not work for remuneration for more than 15 hours a week over a period of ten months during the academic year. -Students who meet the requirements for application at the NRF / MRC, are strongly advised to apply, as the values of the bursaries of the NRF and MRC are more substantial than SU Postgraduate Merit Bursaries, and it is in the students’ interest to apply at these statutory councils. -Very few bursaries are available to foreign students and preference is given to students from the South African Development Community (SADC) countries. Students from the SADC countries who have obtained an eligible qualification at a South African university may compete for funds during the regular application round.

Scholarship Deadline: 9 December 2011

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