Postdoctoral/PhD Studentship in Wave Energy at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

The main research objective of the project is the hydrodynamic modeling of the motion of floating wave energy converters (WECs) and to further the understanding of mooring of WECs. Central subjects the project aims to investigate are: influence of mooring on power capture; survivability of WECs in violent seas; reducing mooring peak loads and to predict fatigue of mooring lines. The work will focus on numerical modeling and involves development of numerical tools, as well as CFD computations. The Post-doctoral position is an appointment that offers an opportunity to qualify for further research positions within academia or industry. The majority of your working time is devoted to your own research, normally as a member of a research group.The PhD student position is limited to five years and will normally include 20% departmental work, mostly teaching duties. The majority of your working time is devoted to your own research studies.

-You should have a, or be near to completing, a PhD in the area of wave energy, water waves and floating bodies, mooring, sea-keeping, or a related area. -You should be experienced in developing numerical models using finite volume and/or finite element methods. You should be fluent in English (both written and spoken). -You should have a Master of Science degree in Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering, Engineering Physics, Applied Math, or related fields.

Scholarship Deadline: 2011-12-09

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