Postdoctoral within Porcine Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells at University of Copenhagen, Denmark 2012

The post doc´s duties will include research within the field of porcine induced pluripotent stem cells. In particular, generation of novel pluripotent cell lines and production of chimeric embryos and offspring will be the primary tasks of the project. The position will include analyses of global DNA methylation in cells prior to and after reprogramming (in collaboration with international Partner). The post may include teaching in the field of Anatomy and/or Cell Biology, to a limited extent, and will include supervision of bachelor undergraduate and postgraduate student research programs.

Applicants must have an academic degree within the field of Biology, Biotechnology, Medicine or Veterinary Medicine, with a Doctorate (PhD) specialization in either stem cell research or embryology. Qualifications within several of the following scientific areas are required: – Documented scientific qualifications of PhD in the field of embryology or pluripotent stem cells. Highly skilled in production, culture and characterization of embryonic stem cell or induced pluripotent stem cell lines. Skilled in lentiviral production, and/or DNA transposon technology. -Competent in production of chimeric embryos. -Competent in micromanipulation. Competent in pre-implantation embryo culture. -Experienced in molecular techniques (i.e. qPCR, immunocyto-chemistry, westerns, molecular cloning, microscopy) – Knowledge in the field of epigenetics/ stem cell biology/ reprogramming/embryology. -Ability to design and execute experiments independently. -Excellent command of the English language. -Proficiency in Danish is considered a bonus. -Experience with supervision of MSc and/or PhD students

Scholarship Deadline: 15 February 2012

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