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Postdoctoral Scholarship in Engineering Materials / Physics of Plasmas at University of Vale do Paraíba, Brazil

Registration opens for a postdoctoral (PD) research scholarship (2 years) funded by FAPESP-PRONEX, at the Laboratory of Plasma Processes and Nanotecnology (NanotecPlasma) of the Institute of Research and Development – Univap, São José dos Campos, SP – Brazil. The present research will be carried by the “Center of excellence in plasma physics and applications” that includes the following institutions: Institute of Physics of the University of São Paulo, Technological Institute of Aeronautics, and Institute of Research and Development of the University of Paraíba Valley. The study is focused in two main themes: (i) anomalous transport and Alfvén waves effect in thermonuclear plasma and (ii) plasma applications in materials processing and assisted combustion. The PD project will establish a new research line in the area of clean energy generation, using photoelectrochemical cells for the generation of electrical energy and photo-electrolysis of water to generate hydrogen.

The post requires candidates with a doctoral degree in materials engineering, physics or related areas, with experience in materials deposition by cold plasmas and characterization of thin films. The project is divided in three stages: 1) study of the plasma deposition process and characterization of thin films (TiOxNy and Cu2O) and their applications in photoelectrochemical cell electrodes to be used in photo-electrolysis of water, 2) assembling and sealing of electrodes to accomplish the construction of a photoelectrochemical cells, 3) characterization of the efficiency of conversion of solar energy to generate hydrogen by the produced cells. Additionally, the candidate must participate of in other actvities of the NanotecPlasma laboratory, collaborate in projects development and manuscripts. The supervision of undergraduate and graduate students also represents one of these activities. The post is open to Brazilians and foreigners.