Postdoctoral Scholarship in Economics and/or Management Science at University of Southern Denmark, 2012

COHERE – Centre of Health Economics Research (Department of Business and Economics) at The University of Southern Denmark in Odense is advertising a Post Doctoral scholarship to be filled as soon as possible. The position is part of a research project entitled ‘Hospital of the Future’ funded by The Danish Strategic Research Council. The project is concerned with development, adaption, and testing of methods from microeconomics and management science with the general aim of increasing hospital efficiency and effectiveness, for instance optimized patient pathways, capacity planning and utilization, and incentive schemes The project has three pillars, each consisting of a number of work packages, l. Logistics and production planning; 2. Incentives; and 3. Productivity measurement and economies of scale and scope. It is an important objective to test the methods in close collaboration with clinicians and professional hospital staff to maximize fit with and relevance for daily practice. See ‘Hospital of the Future’ at the web page here for the project description submitted to the Strategic Research Council. The Post Doctoral Scholarship must be within one of the above mentioned three pillars.

The successful applicant for a post doc. holds a PhD in economics or management science/operations research, has shown research potential through the PhD dissertation, and ideally has already published in scientific journals. The application must include a synopsis of 5-10 pages describing ideas related to one or more of the three project pillars. Dialogue with one of the below mentioned contact persons is possible.

Scholarship Deadline: 15 March, 2012

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