Postdoctoral Researcher in Evolutionary Biology at Uppsala University, Sweden 2012

The research will aim at improving our understanding of the architecture of sexually antagonistic genetic variation. Insects (seed beetles and/or fruit flies) will serve as main model systems and the research will primarily employ quantitative genetic techniques. The research will establish a series of discrete genotypes and use crosses between these to describe and understand the architecture of sexually antagonistic genetic variation. Traits in focus are sex specific measures of life history traits (especially metabolic parameters) and life-time fitness. This postdoctoral position forms a part of a new project on genetic conflict, funded by the European Research Council and the Swedish Research Council. The entire project will employ some 6-8 postdocs and PhD students, apart from a full time TA and the PI, and will strongly encourage interactions and collaborations within the group.

The successful candidate must have a Ph.D, or an exam which is judged comparable to a PhD, that was completed within three years of the application deadline. Applicants that received their PhD earlier than this date will be considered if special circumstances exist (such as prolonged periods of illness, parental leave, military service, union duties and others of similar character). We seek candidates with a documented expertise in quantitative genetic analyses and with a firm understanding of life history theory. Experience of laboratory work with insects is a merit as is previous experience of work with respirometry assays of metabolism. Because the holder of this position will collaborate and interact closely with other members of the group, we will put emphasis on both independence and ability to collaborate.

Scholarship Deadline: March 20, 2012

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