Postdoctoral Research Positions in the Department of Information technology at Ghent University, Belgium

Senior researcher for the coordination of a major research project on implantable glucose sensors. UGent is hiring a senior researcher to be coordinator of a major ongoing research project on continuous glucose monitoring on the basis of silicon photonics. This research is part of a Flemish IWT supported project SBO-Glucosens. GlucoSens aims at the development of enabling technologies for continuous glucose monitoring using implantable single-chip optical sensors. The lifetime of commercially available, implantable electro-chemical glucose sensors is limited to a few days mainly due to bio-fouling and fibrous encapsulation. An optical approach can solve this issue. Within Glucosens, we develop the technology to use a silicon photonics chip packaged in a biocompatible material, an optical approach which might enable the extended lifetime.

You have a PhD in Electronic/Photonic/Bio-/Medical Engineering or in Physics and have worked closely in at least one of the following areas: photonics; medical devices; tissue engineering; signal processing. You are a dynamic and enthusiastic team player with experience in project management and with excellent communication skills. Knowledge of English should be perfect, knowledge of Dutch is preferred but not strictly necessary.

Scholarship Deadline: 2011-08-31

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