Postdoctoral Research Position in Nanoengineering at DTU, Denmark

The project is focused on making devices based on 1D and 2D patterning and straining of graphene, with three focal points: (1) high density (<20nm), (2) high edge regularity (cm), using techniques such as electron beam and block copolymer lithography. The aim is to obtain reliable manipulation of the electronic properties of graphene on large scale, and use this to demonstrate nanopatterned graphene field effect transistors and molecular sensors. The Nanointegration group at DTU Nanotech is a multidisciplinary research team focusing on integration of nanomaterials (graphene, carbon nanotubes, organic/inorganic nanowires) with silicon microsystems, insitu TEM, as well as advanced nanofabrication/nanostructuring technology and metrology tools. The post doctoral researcher will be working closely with a post-doc at DTU CEN – Center of Electron Nanoscopy, and a team of students and postdocs.

The successful candidate should have a PhD degree (or equivalent) in physics or micro/nanotechnology and have extensive experience in working with micro- and nanofabrication. Priority will be given to applicants with documented experience in device fabrication (sensors and transistors) and characterisation, electron beam lithography and transmission electron microscopy in that order. You should furthermore be highly motivated, hard working and easy to work with, ambitious, and have a high scientific standard. The project is a part of large European Integrated Project in the FP7, featuring a number of leading academic and industrial partners, and aiming to make large scale graphene and applications thereof a practical reality. Excellent communication and language skills as well as a team-oriented attitude are therefore requested, and experience with European projects or other international collaborative projects will count in favour, as well as experience with project management.

Scholarship Deadline: December 1st 2011

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