Postdoctoral Research in Travel Behaviour at Hasselt University, Belgium

This highly ambitious project that will be funded within the EU FP7 framework will help with the further development of the current activity-based transportation models that are used within IMOB. Specific research will be carried out on the topics of traffic network assignment, individual route choice behavior and on the integration of large datasets (network data, mobile phone and GPS data) in the activity-based model. In this respect, scalability is an issue and besides fundamental research, the candidate will have to deal with the detailed coordination of actions within the project consortium related to the development of a scalable micro-simulator.

-The candidate has an advanced experience in programming. -The candidate has a profound knowledge of English. -The candidate functions well in a team of experienced developers. -The candidate can start no later than 01.10.2011. -Diploma :He/she holds a PhD degree in Computer Sciences, Civil Engineering, Informatics or Traffic Sciences. (or equivalent).

Scholarship Deadline: No later than 15 August 2011

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