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Postdoctoral Research in Biomedical at German Cancer Research Center, Germany

Offered is a position in the Div. Molecular Basis of Gastrointestinal Cancers, with a concrete perspective – upon solid performance – for setting up your own team. The new research division is supported by an endowment from the K.H. Bauer-foundation. The aim of its effort is to discover better treatment options for pancreatic cancer, the only major cancer for which incidence and mortality rates are still almost the same. Key words with respect to the scientific approach are: diagnostic and PD biomarkers, patient stratification, clinical trials, drug PK, immunotherapy, small molecular drugs, combination regimens, tumor stroma.

A PhD in the biomedical field plus at least 2 years of relevant post-doctoral experience – Genuine motivation for translational cancer research – Excellent at the bench, not merely at the desk – Team player; good contact skills – Good command of the English language – The stamina and self-confidence to overcome the hurdles in cancer research