Postdoctoral Research in Advanced Fluorescence Microscopy at Hasselt University, Belgium

Within a joint project with Prof. K. Braeckmans (UGhent) and Prof. J. Hofkens (KULeuven) properties of nanomedicines will be evaluated for delivering nucleic acids to the Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE), the outer lood-retinal barrier in the eye beneath the neural retina. To address this issue several advanced fluorescence microscopy methods will be extended and developed. The nanomedicine internal structure will be studied by the newest super-resolution microscopy techniques such as STORM and STED. The transport and stability of nanomedicines in vitreous gel, neural retina and inside living RPE cells will be studied by a newly developed correlation spectroscopy method and dual color 3-D SPT. The knowledge gained in this project from the various microscopy methods will enable a rational and efficient development of nanomedicines for nucleic acid therapy.

Candidates have a doctoral degree in biomedical sciences, biology, medical sciences, physics, bio-engineering, chemistry or a related discipline with profound experience in the area of advanced microfluorimetric techniques. Candidates who are in the final stage of their PhD and will defend their thesis within an acceptable period within 2011 will also be considered for the position.

Scholarship Deadline: No later than 25 August 2011.

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