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Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Sustainable Future at University of Hamburg, Germany

Post-doctoral fellowships are limited to two years. Scholarship awards are available as follows: -­? Full stipends in the amount of 2,200 Euros per month, plus a flat, monthly payment for materials of 150 Euros -­? Part-stipends in the amount of 800 Euros per month to finance the costs of travel and overnight accommodation and other materials expenses (in the case of applicant having other financing) A total of 20 fellowships are available each year; there is no restriction regarding scientific discipline. We are pleased to receive applications from post-doctoral scientists at the University of Hamburg, other academic institutions here in Germany, or further afield.

This scholarship program should empower talented, qualified post-doctoral scientists to pursue, as fellows associated with a Hamburg University research body of their choice, research interests on projects about issues, challenges and standpoints to do with sustainability. The plan is to push the research envelope beyond separate research disciplines – such as climate, environment, energy and resources.