Postdoctoral Positions in Systems Neuroscience at Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders in Leuven, Belgium

Postdoctoral positions in systems neuroscience available starting October 2011 in the laboratory of Vincent Bonin at Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders in Leuven, Belgium, (NERF, with support from VIB, imec and K.U. Leuven. The purpose of the Bonin lab is to understand the network computations and biological mechanisms that underlie visual processing in the mammalian brain. We use a combination of large-scale neural recordings (two-photon calcium imaging, millimeter scale imaging, silicon probes), neural stimulation, and computational modeling to probe large populations of neurons in the visual system of awake, behaving mice. We study how different components of the neural circuit underlie specific sensory computations, and how these computations are tailored to the animal’s visual environment and behavioral goals. The successful candidates will apply electrophysiological and advanced imaging techniques to study the visual cortical circuit in awake, behaving mice. They will have access to state-of-the-art tools and facilities, a rich training environment, and the possibility to collaborate with other groups within NERF, VIB, IMEC and K.U. Leuven.

You have (or are about to obtain) a PhD in the biological, physical or behavioral sciences or in a relevant field. You have significant research experience in systems, cellular or molecular neuroscience. You have strong experimental skills, experience with in vitro or in vivo electrophysiology, mouse genetics, or imaging, and have excellent scientific communication skills. You have strong quantitative and technical skills, are able to tinker with complex instruments and software, and are fluent in MATLAB and one additional programming language. You feel comfortable designing your own research and have a record of working independently, as well as within a team, towards established goals.

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