Postdoctoral Positions in Soft Matter Simulations at University of Twente, Netherlands

We have an open position for a postdoc (2 years) working on particle-based computer simulations that aid in the design and interpretation of experiments on soft matter. The project is part of the Collaborative Project and Support Action for Integrating Activities named ESMI (European Soft Matter Infrastructure), supported by a grant from the European Union. The candidate is expected to further develop and apply the coarse-grained simulation techniques of Stochastic Rotation Dynamics (SRD) and Responsive Particle Dynamics (RaPiD, a Brownian Dynamics method that includes transient forces). Specifically, there will be four tasks: to combine the two techniques to allow for simulations of combined viscous and viscoelastic soft matter phases, to develop a fast RaPiD code for simulation of hard particles in viscoelastic liquids to study various rheological protocols for ageing and thixotropic complex fluids, and to simulate microfluidic flow of polymeric and associative complex fluids.

The prospective candidate should have: a PhD in physics, chemistry or closely related subject, a proven track record in developing and programming particle based simulation methods, experience with statistical physics, experience with rheology, a demonstrated record of research productivity.

Scholarship Deadline: Before December 23, 2011

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