Postdoctoral Position on Protein Refolding at the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology, Austria

The Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology  in Vienna has a long term programme in over expression of recombinant proteins with the Npro autoprotease fusion protein technology Schmoeger. Our focus is to understand the autoproteolytical reaction and the aggregation behavior on a molecular level. A structure-function relationship for refolding, autocleavage and aggregation should be established. The project is part of a program for industrial production of polypeptides and proteins.

A PhD in biochemistry, biophysics or biotechnology with focus on protein chemistry, protein folding and/or protein analytics is requested. The appropriate candidate should have experimental skills in either protein folding/refolding, protein analysis with HPLC/HPLC-MS and good understanding of structure-function relationship of proteins. Candidates must have their prior research documented in scientific publication(s). Candidates must have excellent skills in spoken and written English, and interpersonal skills conductive to team work and group research efforts.

Scholarship Deadline: 30th May 2011

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