Postdoctoral Position in Ultrabright Afterglow Phosphors at TU Delft University, Netherlands

The key challenge in this project is to design storage phosphors with specific properties. Designing such phosphors requires a detailed fundamental knowledge of the energy level locations in the solid and of the possible charge transfer processes. Based on recently developed models, answers to the following questions will be sought: ‘What processes determine the maximum electron storage ability of compounds?’, ‘What are the pathways of recombination?’ and ‘How can we engineer the proper colour of emission?’ In order to answer these questions, fundamental studies will be performed to understand tunnelling recombination phenomena and optically and thermally stimulated luminescence phenomena in double lanthanide doped compounds. These studies will be experimentally tested with both in-house facilities and set-ups elsewhere.

The post-doc will carry out his/her own research activities as part of this project and also support the PhD student in this project. The successful candidate must have a PhD degree in applied physics or material science and a relevant specialisation, e.g. luminescent materials, spectroscopic techniques. Good communication skills and excellent English are requested. You should possess a pro-active, independent, problem-solving, and result-oriented work attitude. Successful candidates will be expected to be able to work in a team, to work independently to publish their results in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and to participate actively in international conferences.

Scholarship Deadline: 15-01-2012

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