Postdoctoral Position in the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Ghent, Belgium

Our lab is a translational HIV research lab focusing on HIV integration, the HIV viral reservoir and HIV transmission. Our lab described that viruses in different compartments also differ in their predicted tropism preference. Detailed characterisation of the HIV integration step in vivo is performed by cDNA LEDGF SNP analysis, LEDGF mRNA QPCR, Alu PCR of HIV integrated copies, 2LTR QPCR and total DNA QPCR on patient derived PBMC’s.

The general goal of our lab is to support research that improves our knowledge on HIV eradication strategies. Current studies aim to validate new endpoint for HIV therapy and new cellular cofactors for HIV transcription using a primary HIV latency model. Techniques used are flow cytometry, virus co-culture assays, cloning, Q-PCR, High resolution melting, viral gene transfer, Western blot ect…

Profile Degree obtained in life sciences

A: Experience/profile Junior post-doc, EU citizenship (to allow funding from Flanders/Belgium and European grant proposals)

B: Skills Experience in molecular virology is an asset

C: Attitudes teamspirit recommended

Scholarship Deadline: 2011-03-31

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