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Postdoctoral Position in Protist Genomics at Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Postdoctoral position is available at the newly established institute BIOCEV at the suburb of Prague (Czech Republic). The post doctoral worker will join the team of Vladimir Hampl ( that is focused on the evolution of protists and their organelles. The team is currently running or preparing to launch several transcriptome, plastid genome and nuclear genome projects on various protists from the groups of Euglenida and Preaxostyla. These protists are interesting for example for their anaerobic or facultatively anaerobic life styles, absence of observable sexual reproduction, and massive reduction of mitochondria in Preaxostyla or evolution of secondary plastids in Euglenida. There are no published nuclear genomes from these groups. The main task of the postdoctoral worker will be to establish and maintain an annotation pipeline for the transcriptomic and genomic data and to coordinate work on selected genome projects. Mandatory part of the contract will be teaching a specialised course depending on the interest and expertise of the worker (e.g. genome annotation, phylogenetics, or genomics).

Ideal candidate is an interdisciplinary person, either a keen bioinformatician/genomicist skilled in programming that is interested in microbes, genomics and evolution or a protistologist with experiences in bioinformatics, genomics and programming.