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Postdoctoral Position in Molecular Cardiovascular Research at MDC, Germany , 2011

We are a research team at the MDC studying the signaling pathways during early forebrain development. In particular, we focus on mechanisms regulating sonic hedgehog signaling pathway in primary cilia and on the interplay of SHH with LRP2, a LDL receptor family member, expressed in the neuroepithelium (Spoelgen et al 2005). Several exciting projects are available focusing on: (i) identifying molecular mechanisms leading to the LRP2-mediated modulation of SHH signaling, (ii) characterizing how components of the SHH signaling machinery in and at the primary cilium mediate proper reception, transduction and transcriptional response of the target cells to the morphogen and (iii) identifying new factors crucial for early forebrain specification and forebrain midline morphogenesis.

The candidate should have a PhD within a relevant research area (i.e. Molecular and Developmental Biology, Genetics or Biochemistry). -Previous experience in molecular biology, genetics and mouse histology is an asset.