Postdoctoral Position in Brain connectivity in Autism & Aging at University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

People with autism show deficits in cognitive control in childhood and adulthood. These deficits are associated with structural and functional abnormalities in the underlying fronto-striatal network. In healthy people this brain network and the related cognitive control abilities deteriorate when aging. If and how aging has an impact on the behavioural and brain anomalies in individuals with autism is unknown. The course of autism during later life has remained exempt of empirical scrutiny, but the possibility for such research is emerging now, as the first cohorts formally diagnosed with autism are currently approaching old age.

We are looking for highly motivated candidates with hands on experience with the latest MRI techniques for studying brain connectivity. Preferably the candidates also have experience in working with clinical groups and/or elderly. Candidates must have a PhD in psychology, cognitive neuroscience, or in a closely related field. It is not crucial that the applicant is fluent in Dutch, but it will be easier when someone does speak some Dutch. Experience in computer programming (e.g., presentation), quantitative data analysis of neuroimaging data (MatLab, FSL) will be a significant plus. We are searching for candidates who are committed to scientific excellence.

Scholarship Deadline: April 15, 2012

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