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Postdoctoral Position at the Cluster of Excellence CellNetworks, Germany

To outstanding scientists we offer several postdoc positions in the CellNetworks research group of their choice. We provide a distinguished two year contract including a separate amount for consumables of 10,000€ per year. Before starting the application, please select carefully the CellNetworks lab you want to apply for. It is an insdispensable prerequisite of your application to contact the project leader in order to present and to discuss your project proposal. After closing of the call on 16 April the project leader will be asked for his/her approval to your application.

Applications are accepted by scientists after their doctoral degree (first or second postdoc), but only if they have not yet worked as a scientist (PhD, postdoc, guest researcher) in the lab they apply for. The minimum requirement for an application is one first author publication. To submit your application on the preview/submit page it is necessary that you provide the certificate of your last degree (Diploma, PhD or equivalent) a list of publications two reference addresses your draft project proposal of 1-2 pages