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Postdoctoral Position at Plant Cell Physiology Laboratory 2011 in France

Our work focuses on the role of the chloroplast envelope in modulating the chloroplast biogenesis and functions. For this project, we propose to identify new regulatory systems that control the targeting of nuclear encoded proteins to the chloroplast. Using a multidisciplinary approach including biochemistry, bioinformatics, reverse genetics, proteomics and in vivo analysis of photosynthesis, we expect: i) to pinpoint chloroplast proteins that are targeted by alternative pathways to the plastid after their synthesis in the cytoplasm, ii) to elucidate the molecular nature of these alternative pathways, as well as the control mechanisms that modulate their efficiency and iii) to reveal their consequences on the physiology of photosynthesis in C3 plants.

We offer a 2-years Post-doc position in an interactive research team working in an attractive environment. Candidates should be either non-French citizens or French scientists having spent two of the last three years in a foreign research institute. We invite motivated candidates to send their application (complete CV and publication list), as well as contact details of 2 referees. Experience in the field of plant genetics, protein biochemistry, confocal microscopy and/or proteomics/bioinformatics is a plus. The project will start in 2011 and is planned for 2 years. Funding is provided by the ANR (French National Research Agency), through the CEA Eurotalents program.